Your hosts and their environment 

A positive and fruitful french learning experience in a truly beautiful

environment !

The family

Above your charming flat, Tania and her family (Francesco, Djeevan) will invite you to have dinner along with some friends or with the other family members. Djeevan's grandparents, uncle and cousins live in the house next door and they all contribute in making the environment welcoming and friendly. At meals during the breaks, and in the evenings you will find conviviality, fruitful exchanges, interest and understanding from those who surround you.

The entire family loves welcoming guests in their house and they take great pleasure in showing the beautiful region of Neuchâtel. Francesco is an excellent cook and is very sporty. He will be happy to lend you one of his bikes and show you the nicest places of our region. All members are lovers of nature and culture. Taking pictures when going for walks around the lake or the mountains, visiting exhibits or museums, going to concerts or to the movies, are some of the activities you could be doing with them depending on the time of the year. Sport takes also an important part of their lives; they love to do water sports and mountain biking during the summer, and plenty of skiing during the winter. Other sports available and close to their home are tennis, golf, cross country skiing or even paragliding.
They would be very happy to organize and share these activities with you.



Your cosy apartment


You will stay in a modern and fully equipped spacious flat in a beautiful house. The place has a separate entrance access and the apartment  has been completely renovated. There is a garden and a "carnotzet" where you'll be able to study or relax. The welcoming atmosphere of the different rooms bring an enchanting level of comfort for a memorable stay. Music, TV, DVD player and WiFi as well as complete kitchen equipment are available.

This apartment will seduce you with its large and very bright main room and it's cosy ambiance. Enjoy the bedroom with purple colours, also spacious, and facing an ancient tree as well as sunrise. For the pleasure of your eyes and your taste buds, the open and fully equipped kitchen will allow you to dine with a beautiful look of the garden.

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Around the village

You won’t believe how much this region has to offer...

St-Aubin is a small village of 3000 habitants situated on the banks of lake Neuchâtel. Facing the magnificent Alps. It's also positioned at the foot of the ‘Crêtes du Jura’.

Majestic Alps or small mountains,  beautiful landscapes, famous vineyards, large fields of cereals, colza or sunflowers, the region is full of reliefs and colours.
Ideally situated on the lake side, between Neuchâtel and Yverdon, this region is well known for the "Creux du Van", "gorges de l'Areuse" as well as its many hiking and biking trails. Those magic places will fill you with wonder.

You'll also have the opportunity to discover exceptional historical sites (Neuchâtel is very well known for its paleolithics, neolithics and celtics treasures), Medieval villages, museums and big castles (Valangin, Grandson, La Sarraz) ... so many surprises.

Do you know that Neuchâtel is a region built by and for the watchmaking industry? La Chaux de Fonds and Le Locle are both inscribed in the world heritage list of the UNESCO.

Can you imagine yourself on the trail of "Absinthe" the legendary drink with a forbidden taste or in the center of the earth to see how the miners of yesterday worked?


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