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"joy of learning, pleasure to discover..."

Culture in a country that counts 700 years of history, nature with beautiful landscapes... You will discover small and high mountains, large fields of cereals, sunflowers, large vineyards… as well as historic castles, medieval villages… and the typical chesse and chocolate of Switzerland of course!


You may enjoy the lake of Neuchâtel, which gives you a chance to practice swimming, diving or sailing, you can also play golf in Voens ... and there are so many hiking and biking trails surrounding the village.


Several golfing greens and tennis courts are available in the area, and don’t forget bike riding and roller-skating on our walkways around the lake. Swimming, paragliding and walking are all activities that our region has to offer year round.


If you’re more attracted by history and museums, the nearby cities called Neuchâtel and Yverdon (just 20 minutes by train or 10 minutes by car) or the further ones such as Lausanne and Berne (about 70km from the house) will fully satisfy your thirst for culture. These cities are easily accessible. Not only are they charming, but offer many activities and events throughout the year.


History, art galleries, music concerts, theatrical events, sculptures, modern technology and architecture, anybody can find something that inspires their happiness.








 Tania can also propose you a weekend in the Alps (Anzère).

In winter, it's possible to go skiing for a few days

During summer, beautiful hikes are possible in the mountains


A cosy comfortable apartment is also available for you in the Alps.



The Alps are about 11/2 hour away...  But you'll also have the opportunity to take a try at winter sports activities, including skiing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing  just a few kilometres from the house.




Excursions examples :

- Guided visit of the Neuchâtel, Grandson or Yverdon town and castle.
- Discovering Jura region, les gorges de l'Areuse et le  ‘Creux du Van’ – a truly beautiful walk.
- Bike riding or walking.
- Boat tours on the lakes of Neuchâtel, Bienne or Morat.
- A day or two in the Alps.
- Visit of the city of Bern (the capital), or the cities of Geneva, Montreux or Lausanne.
- Visit of the famous butterfly garden (Papillorama)  and the unique Nocturama
  (tropical forest with its animals during night-time)
- Visit of the international clock making museum or of the lathenium (museum specialized in the Neolitic era).
- Champagne, wine or absinthe tasting in the wineries.
- Discovering Gruyères region, a marvelous medieval village and its famous cheese
- Visit of the factories of the famous Chocolate Cailler
- Visit or the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern
- Visit of the Gianadda Fundation in Martigny

... and so many more...


Note : When a student chooses activities which involves entrance fees, the student agrees to pay the fees for himself but also for the teacher, and the transportation fees as well (or gas if travelling by car) if the travel is longer than 30km from Tania’s house.




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